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Early Access Q4 2020

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Pyramid Plunge is a lighthearted roguelike action pixel art platformer where you control an unlikely couple. Explore pyramids of ancient civilizations of Egypt, Aztech and more, filled with treasure, traps and deadly creatures. Find the exit, while protecting your paralyzed partner from peril.


Early Prototype

It all started when I was bed ridden while still recovering from some unknown virus a couple of years ago. I had just read a book my friend gave me about Spelunky. The book mentioned GameMaker and I had been using Unity for over 10 years now. I decided to give it a go and I loved the new 2d game engine. After doing the usual small games like asteroids, etc to get acquainted with the game engine, I wanted to create a fun little game where you have to save your partner. The main action would be carrying her and throwing her to safety. The levels would also be procedurally generated.

My Kids Loved it

After a bit more recovering, I could be back on a desk for a few minutes rather than in bed. Bit by bit it became a playable prototype. And to my surprise my daughters who were 7-years old at the time loved it! They thought I had bought it. And they were awestruck when I told I was making it. (The graphics were abysmal at the time)

Multiplayer PvP Mayhem

As I was getting better, the game was getting better. At one point the kids suggested "what if it was two player?". And after some thinkering around to create split screen version, and hooking 2 PS4 controllers to the macbook, we realised it was great fun. It was incredibly fun to chase the opponent to steal his money or his partner to then put her on a death trap. It is still a daily thing we do together to play multiplayer, and it's always a blast!

New Characters

At one point I hired a freelancer, Samuel Suarez, to create a poster for the game. And his work was incredible. He also made the main characters and some enemies new concepts. And I loved them so much, that we agreed on adapting them for the game!


  • Save Felicie using unorthodox ways
  • Explore an infinite amount of pyramids, as every pyramid is unique - procedurally generated
  • Strategize on what items/powerups to pickup and when to use them
  • Experience ancient pyramids and their guardians - 4 different worlds and bosses
  • Who knew you could swim inside a pyramid ?!
  • Compete in Pyramid of the Day - Play the same procedurally generated levels for 24hours. And then the leaderboard resets.
  • Enjoy beating your friends in Multiplayer PVP - steal their loot or even their partner and hatch devious plans


Gameplay Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (43MB)
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Stomp Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Throw Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge Poster 16-9.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Boulder Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Zap.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Bolder Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Chest Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Bee Cropped.png
Pyramid Plunge - Multiplayer.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Flood.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Bee.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Rope.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Boss.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Chest.png
Pyramid Plunge - Mayan Bolder.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Stomp.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Throw.png
Pyramid Plunge - Merchant.png
Pyramid Plunge - Egypt Boulder.png


Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieX2020 Showcase" We've been chosen for showcasing the game at IndieX2020!

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Pyramid Plunge Credits

Who I am is not important, but I do this:
Programmer, Game Designer, junior Pixel artist, admin... - ah well, an Indie dev

Benji Inniger
Musician, Freelancer

Samuel Suarez
Concept Artist, Freelancer

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